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About Pinnacle Chiropractic + Wellness

Hands help up to the sun.The Best in Chiropractic Care for Winston Salem Residents

A Midwestern boy at heart, Pinnacle Chiropractic + Wellness’ Dr. D’Juan Richardson fell in love with the South while he was a collegiate athlete. Now calling North Carolina home, his positivity and honesty, along with his focused and individualized care plans, help boost patients on their road to recovery and improve their overall health and wellness.

No matter where you are along your journey, whether you want to improve your mobility so you can bend down or squat without pain, or you’re an athlete looking to ease the aches and pains of competition and improve your performance, Dr. D’Juan wants all of his patients to regain optimal health.

As a wellness practice, it’s important to Dr. D’Juan to treat the current needs of the patient, but also protect the health of his patients for their lifetimes. When your spine is in alignment, it helps the body’s systems work more efficiently, so you can live your best life now and into the future.

What to Expect at Pinnacle Chiropractic + Wellness

During your appointments with Dr. D’Juan, you will receive an honest, in-depth assessment, as he takes the time to speak to his patients about what he’s observed, what he recommends for treatment plans, and what to expect as the body heals. When a patient is educated about their treatment plans, they’re more invested in the outcomes, and Dr. D’Juan wants all of his patients to be a stakeholder in their own health.

Dr. D’Juan’s tool kit for treating your pain and mobility issues is vast; he utilizes many different techniques and treatments with his patients, allowing him to better meet their needs in a more individualized manner and ensure success. In the very rare cases where he cannot help a patient, he’s quick to recommend other health and medical professionals who may be able to.

Make Pinnacle Chiropractic + Wellness Your Choice for Chiropractic Care

If you’re ready to start feeling the benefits of chiropractic treatment instead of your normal aches, pains and discomfort, or if you’re looking for a new partner in your chiropractic health and wellness plan in the Winston Salem area, Dr. D’Juan is ready to help! Give the office a call to set up your appointment — (336) 248-8402.

About Pinnacle Chiropractic + Wellness | (336) 248-8402